Is our food killing us?

Healthy Whole Foods vs. Processed Foods?

Our society has become dependent on processed foods through no fault of our own.  Although we did not create this crisis, together we can be the solution. 

Much of the processed foods we eat have little-to-no nutritious value.  In fact, the growing consumption of processed food is negatively affecting our health and the health of future generations.  This situation must stop now!

a pictureOur parents and grandparents never anticipated that 90% of the food that we consume daily, would be processed, coming to us in a bag, a box, a pouch, a can or from our favorite fast food restaurant.

It is difficult in our fast paced society to slow down or change our habits, but it is possible through technology and innovation to make the processed foods we eat healthier and better for us.

The time is now, to improve the quality of what we eat!  This is the goal of The Healthy Food Project.  Join us today, in making the food we eat tomorrow healthier!


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